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Our team of trained professional HVAC Techs is here to ensure your HVAC system remains adequately maintained and running smoothly. Our precise service and repair solutions will keep you comfortable all year long!
Upgrade your home's climate control to the latest HVAC systems and enjoy year-round comfort. We offer expert installation services for all equipment models, giving you peace of mind knowing that it will perform in even the most demanding conditions.
Maximize the health and comfort of your indoor environment with advanced HVAC Indoor Air Quality Systems. Cutting-edge technology provides state-of-the art air filtration to promote clean, healthy spaces for all occupants.

AC Repair

Keep your Moreno Valley home cool and comfortable with our expert HVAC repair services. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we provide quality solutions for all of your air conditioning needs.ues drive our daily decisions.

AC repair by It’s No Sweat Heat & Air involves troubleshooting and fixing problems in air conditioning systems. It may include replacing parts like the compressor, evaporator, and condenser, or addressing refrigerant and electrical connections issues. Our Professional technicians have the necessary tools and knowledge to diagnose and fix the problem correctly, ensuring the efficient functioning of yuor AC. They also offer regular maintenance services to prevent future issues and extend the unit’s life

AC Installation

We provide professional HVAC installations in the Moreno Valley area, to ensure your home is comfortable and climate controlled year-round. We believe in providing top quality service with customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

Our Team pride itself on providing top-notch service and putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. With us, you can trust that your HVAC installation needs will be handled efficiently, effectively, and with the highest level of expertise.

How to Decide Between HVAC Companies

The best HVAC companies will be happy to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.
How to choose the right HVAC company?

When deciding between HVAC companies, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Licensing and certification: Ensure the company is licensed and certified to perform HVAC work in your area. This will ensure that they are adequately trained and have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to perform the work.

  2. Experience: Look for a company with a proven track record of experience in the industry. This will give you confidence that they have the knowledge and skills needed to handle any problems that may arise.

  3. Reputation: Research the company’s reputation by reading online reviews and asking for references. Look for companies with a good reputation for quality work and customer service.

  4. Pricing: Compare prices from different companies to ensure that you are getting a fair and competitive price for the work that needs to be done. Remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice.

  5. Services offered: Check if the company offers additional services such as maintenance, repair, or replacement of HVAC systems.

  6. Guarantees & Warranty: Inquire about their guarantees and warranty policy on their work and the products they use.

It’s also a good idea to get multiple estimates and ask any questions you may have before making a decision. Trusting your gut feeling is essential, and ultimately, selecting the HVAC company, you feel most comfortable with.

How old should my HVAC system be before I replace it?

The lifespan of an HVAC system can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the unit, the level of maintenance it receives, and the conditions it operates in. On average, an HVAC system can last between 15 to 20 years. However, if a system is well maintained, it can last even longer. Conversely, if it’s subjected to harsh conditions or has not been maintained, it may need to be replaced before 15 years.

It’s also important to remember that as an HVAC system ages, it will become less efficient and may start to break down more frequently. This can result in higher energy bills and more frequent and expensive repairs. If your system is more than ten years old and showing signs of wear, such as an increase in energy bills, frequent breakdowns, or uneven heating and cooling, it may be time to consider a replacement.

It’s recommended to schedule regular maintenance checkups with a professional HVAC technician to keep your system running efficiently and to help identify potential issues before they become significant problems. They will also be able to give you a more accurate idea of when to consider replacement of your HVAC system.

How much is the average HVAC system installation cost?

The cost of an HVAC system installation can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type of system, its size and efficiency, and any additional features or controls. Generally, a new HVAC system installation can range from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

For an essential, standard central air conditioning and heating system installation, you can expect to pay between $3,000 to $7,000.

On the high end, a more advanced or high-efficiency system can cost between $7,000 to $10,000 or more. Some very high-end or complex HVAC systems can even cost above $15,000

It’s also important to remember that costs can vary depending on the location and labor costs of the installation company. It’s a good idea to get multiple estimates from different companies to ensure that you are getting a fair and competitive price for the work that needs to be done.

It’s important to remember that these are just rough estimates, and it is always better to consult a HVAC professional that can provide you with a more accurate cost assessment after inspecting your home and evaluating your specific needs.

What size HVAC system do I need?

The size of the HVAC system you need depends on the square footage of your home and the climate in your area. It is important to have the right size system in order to ensure that your home is comfortable and that the system runs efficiently.

To determine the size of HVAC system you need, a professional HVAC contractor will typically perform a load calculation, which takes into account factors such as the size and layout of your home, the number of windows and doors, the insulation levels, and the local climate.

A general rule of thumb is that a properly sized HVAC system should be able to provide one ton of cooling capacity for every 600 to 650 square feet of living space. This means a 2,000 sqft house would typically require a 3 ton HVAC unit.

It’s important to note that oversizing or undersizing the HVAC system will have negative consequences. A unit that is too large will cycle on and off frequently, causing higher energy bills and decreasing its lifespan, while a unit that is too small will struggle to keep up with demand, resulting in uneven temperatures and higher energy bills as well.

That’s why it’s always recommended to consult a professional and licensed HVAC technician for an accurate assessment of your needs, to ensure that the HVAC system you choose is the right size for your home and will provide the necessary heating and cooling efficiently.

What is better for heating: gas, electric, or heat pump?

The best heating system for your home depends on various factors, including the climate in your area, the cost of the different types of fuel, and the equipment cost.

Gas heating systems are typically the most cost-effective option for homes in colder climates. They are efficient and reliable and can provide heat quickly and easily. Gas is also generally less expensive than electricity.

Electric heating systems are best suited for homes in milder climates and are easy to install and maintain. Electric heat pumps, a type of electric heating, have high energy efficiency and are a good option for homes in moderate climates. They extract heat from the air or ground outside and transfer it inside the home.

Heat pump systems are a versatile option that can be used for heating and cooling and are particularly efficient in moderate climates. They are ideal for homes looking for an alternative to gas heating or for homes that don’t have access to natural gas.

Overall, the most cost-effective option will depend on your specific needs and the local energy prices, the climate in your area,, and your home’s insulation and efficiency. It’s always recommended to consult a professional HVAC contractor to determine the best option for your specific needs and budget.

Furnace Repair

If you're in need of furnace repair in Moreno Valley, look no further than the experts at It's No Sweat Heat & Air. We have over 25 years of experience servicing furnaces throughout the area, and we're always here to help.

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems with your furnace, it’s time to call in an HVAC professional for repair:

Furnace Replacement & Installation

If you're in the market for a new furnace, it's important to work with a qualified contractor who can help you choose the right unit for your home.

Furnaces come in various sizes and styles, so it’s essential to find one that will fit your needs and budget. When installing a new furnace, it’s also essential to make sure that the ductwork is properly sealed and insulated. Ductwork that isn’t properly sealed can lead to energy loss and increased heating costs. A good contractor will take care of all the necessary preparation work before installing your new furnace.

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